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Why Your Marketing Budget Should Include influencer Marketing Spend

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influencer marketing accomplishes much more than brand awareness

Influencer Marketing is great for building brand awareness, we know this. But did you know that Influencer Marketing is powerful at EVERY level of the user journey? Influencer marketing boosts awareness and discovery of your brand, fuels purchase consideration, and drives purchase intent! 

By looking at influencer marketing as a direct channel to your customers throughout their buying journey, you begin to see how micro-targeting at the right place, time, and stage is not only possible but powerful. That's exactly why you should be investing in this strategy. It's easily one of the most useful and influential tools in your marketing plan.

Let us break it down...


Keep this in mind as you read on!

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Incorporating influencer marketing into your marketing plan is a time-tested strategy for amplifying your reach AND honing in on your audience at a micro level. Employing real people to spread your message means that potential customers are receiving ideas, recommendations, and insight when they need it most AND they're receiving it from a trusted source. Now that's a win!


The first interaction a potential customer has with your brand. And first impressions are everything!


Google ain’t it, fam. Increasingly, audiences of all ages are using TikTok and Instagram to search for new products, services, recipes, restaurants, fashion trends, business advice, and everything else on earth. In fact, GenZ uses TikTok more than any other search engine. We beg the question, are your customers finding you on the platforms THEY use for search?

The CLEVER Approach: Use TikTok and Instagram creators to support your product discovery strategy. It works, and we can prove it!


The point at which your brand becomes memorable to a potential customer

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Once is never enough. Turns out? 7 isn’t, either. Consumers now need to see a brand mentioned 12X before they are truly aware of it. That’s a whole lot of marketing content. 

When working with CLEVER influencers, you get full access to reuse and repurpose their content in your brand channels. And that's after they've posted it across multiple channels reaching new and existing audiences. Plus, brand ambassadors keep the message alive with multiple posts over time. 

The CLEVER Approach: Leverage influencers and their content to build multiple messaging touchpoints. It's how to achieve true brand recognition.


A potential customer needs or wants something, you swoop in at the right place and time!

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Bringing your influencer content to the next level means developing a powerful digital strategy to support it. Especially when you're optimizing at the lower end of the funnel.

Our in-house media team ensures that influencer content is served to the right people at the right time – encouraging potential consumers to engage, explore, and consider.

The CLEVER Approach: Focus digital spend on boosting your influencer content – it’s super-powerful and outperforms brand content every time!


Adds to cart (digitally or physically)
High fives all around!

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It’s all about ROI, and boosting creator content is only the beginning. Our expert media team develops social ads, mobile ads, and refined retargeting to convince ideal customers to smash that “add to cart” button. 

The CLEVER Approach: Build your boosts by adding a digital strategy that uses influencer content to test, learn, refine, and optimize content and cadences for optimal conversion potential. Our Ad specialists do it all so you don't have to lift a finger!



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