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Stefania Pomponi Jun 30, 2020 1:41:34 PM 3 min read

Stop Hate for Profit: Boycott Facebook, Not Influencers

CLEVER supports the mission of Stop Hate for Profit.

We stand alongside businesses — especially our clients — in solidarity with our most deeply held American values of freedom, equality, and justice and will not be running any paid advertising on Facebook or Instagram in July. We urge Facebook to take the recommended next steps to address hatred and disinformation, and to work towards being a more decent and accountable company. Hatred and misinformation spread by Facebook directly harms Black people. We understand that sponsored content on Facebook and Instagram may seem as if it violates the parameters of the boycott. We want to assure you it does not.

Boycott 2-01

Stop Hate For Profit has told us directly that “independent influencers (posting) about a specific brand [...] would not violate the terms of the ad pause.”

The boycott targets brands, not individuals or influencers. To be clear: payment for sponsored content has always gone directly to the influencer, never to the platform.

To our valued clients: we understand that you — especially those of you who have signed on to the boycott — may have different levels of comfort around this. As your influencer marketing expert partner, we promise to listen and make recommendations that are in your best interests.

To our network members: we want to acknowledge that this boycott may directly affect the financial livelihood of Black influencers and influencers of color, who for too long have been denied opportunity and income because of a systemically white supremacist system. 

As we navigate our own work and social justice commitments vis a vis the #StopHateForProfit Initiative, we strive to live up to our values. Our guiding principle is to do work that makes us feel proud.  That applies now more than ever.

Want to know how the #StopHateForProfit boycott might impact an Influencer Marketing Program you are working on or have in the works? 

Contact us.  We are are here to help you talk it through.