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Allison Vianu Jun 29, 2021 12:17:59 PM 5 min read

Meet CLEVER Influencer: Miquelle Oliveira

We at CLEVER are celebrating Pride Month this year by honoring and amplifying LGBTQ+ creators in the influencer marketing space. Four CLEVER influencers will be featured throughout the month of June on our blog. These posts are intended to showcase our LGBTQ+ creators and to highlight Give OUT Day, a month-long fundraising campaign culminating on June 30, the only national day of giving for the LGBTQ community. As we kick off Pride with Give Out Day, we celebrate her and all of the LGBTQ+ influencers who create incredible content during Pride month and throughout the year!

This week we’re so excited to feature Miquelle Oliveira of @hihello.noelle!


Follow Miquelle at: 

Instagram: @hihello.noelle

TikTok: @miquelle.noelle

Pinterest: @hihellonoelle

Facebook: @hihello.noelle

HubSpot Video

Where are you based?

I am based in Hawaii.


How long have you been a content creator?

I have been a content creator for the last three years.


How did you get started? Do you remember the first thing you posted?

I am a naturally creative person and I was working in corporate, so there's not a lot of creativity that goes on there. So I was really needing an outlet for my creativity.


How has your work been impacted by the pandemic?

When 2020 first started, I ended up getting laid off. I really just took the time to immerse myself in my new baby, and just really taking off with, you know, what I wanted to create at that point, which was really more of the Home/DIY space as well as still capturing our family on stories and things like that.


What is your hope for the future?

My hope for the future is to continue to do what I'm doing. As well as continuing the path of normalizing parents and families and children, and everyone a part of the LGBTQ space on social media and normalizing that.


Which non-profit organization are you giving to for Give OUT Day and why?

The non-profit organization that I chose to be a part of is 360 Youth.


Why do you think people should make a donation?

[There are a lot of] LGBT youth out there and I want them to have a safe place and resources to go to and people to see and talk to. Everyone deserves safety and love and respect, and I know that's what 360 Youth does for our LGBTQ youth.