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Loreann Talbo Sep 15, 2021 12:13:02 PM 4 min read

Meet CLEVER Influencer: Kat Echazarreta- Latina, Engineer, Creator

This September-October, we at CLEVER are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month this year by honoring and amplifying Hispanic and LatinX creators in the influencer marketing space. Four CLEVER creators have partnered with us to publish our first-ever Hispanic Heritage Month blog series. These posts are intended to provide insight into how the influencer industry can support Hispanic and LatinX creators beyond just this month.  

This week we're excited to feature Kat Echazarreta of @katvoltage!


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My roots start in Mexico where I was born. My family moved to the US when I was about 7 years old. My mom instilled a strong work ethic in me since childhood and always encouraged me to follow my passions. Space, Math, Astronomy, and Physics have interested me for as long as I can remember and I never lost sight of that growing up. My educational journey was not a straight shot. I graduated high school and enrolled in a Community College to study Electrical Engineering despite various setbacks. After three years I transferred to UCLA where I obtained my B.S. in Electrical Engineering and began working at NASA JPL.

Throughout my journey in engineering school, I was very aware of the lack of women in the field. I realized I had the opportunity to help guide those girls and women who, like me, are looking for someone with experience in what they are going through. Through honesty, I’ve been able to create content for the next generation for over one year now!

One of the most obvious aspects of being a Latina in STEM is loneliness. Latina engineers make up a very small percentage of engineers and sometimes it can be difficult to navigate. Through my content, I want women and particularly women of color to feel seen and represented. Most of all, through my content, I want them to feel that if I was able to do something they can do it too!

As a Mexican-born Latina influencer, I want to help change the way we are represented in the media. I want young women and girls to know they can become whoever they want. For generations, our mothers and grandmothers didn’t even dare to dream. I want today’s women to know they can not only dare, but they can also do!