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Allison Vianu Jun 22, 2021 2:32:07 PM 7 min read

Meet CLEVER Influencer: Ciara Strickland

We at CLEVER are celebrating Pride Month this year by honoring and amplifying LGBTQ+ creators in the influencer marketing space. Four CLEVER influencers will be featured throughout the month of June on our blog. These posts are intended to showcase our LGBTQ+ creators and to highlight Give OUT Day, a month-long fundraising campaign culminating on June 30, the only national day of giving for the LGBTQ community. As we kick off Pride with Give Out Day, we celebrate her and all of the LGBTQ+ influencers who create incredible content during Pride month and throughout the year!

This week we’re so excited to feature Ciara Strickland of The New Mixx!


Follow Ciara at: 


Instagram: @thenewmixx

TikTok: @thenewmixx

Twitter: @thenewmixx

Pinterest: @thenewmixx

YouTube: Ciara Strickland


Where are you based?

I am based in Virginia Beach, VA.


How long have you been a content creator?

I have been a content creator since 2016.


How did you get started? Do you remember the first thing you posted?

I got started with content creation right in the middle of my active duty tour. It was an outlet for me as I loved fashion and lifestyle content, but had to separate it from the USN and my Instagram/blog was the perfect outlet for me. I also had a love for suits and wanted to show that you can wear a suit and still look good no matter what. My first post was an outfit of the day(ootd) post and I think my mom actually took it for me. I wanted to share my outfits, finds, and style help with anyone and everyone who wanted to escape the “societal norm” for clothing. 


What do you create content about? Why? For whom?

I create content for anyone and everyone. I wanted The New Mixx to not only be an outlet for myself, but to bring any form of inspiration for anyone looking to transform or empower themselves. I wear suits, streetwear, and the occasional simplistic outfit, but my clothes come from both the men’s and women’s section. I create content like I do because I want people to know it is okay to shop wherever you want and try different things. I always tell my audience, “when you look good you feel good” and this goes for any kind of outfit. Besides sharing my outfit posts, I like to share educational pieces. For example: how to wear a suit, the different types of shirt collars, the different dress shoe types, etc. In the LGBTQ+ community and androgynous world, there is not much information around this, so I love to help when and where I can.


How has your work been impacted by the pandemic?

I can definitely say it took a drastic shift as the pandemic started to swing full circle. Luckily, I had a few campaigns that were several months long and those were not paused. As a content creator, you always want to be diverse and able to adapt at the drop of a hat. I started to utilize my newly renovated office and showed more behind the scenes with my audience which they loved a lot. People always see the finished product, but not the consistent work that goes into it. 


What is your hope for the future?

For the future, I hope that social media and all the tools that come with it continue to be an educational piece for people to use. There is a lot of negativity with social media, but there are also a lot of great things that come from it.


Which non-profit organization are you giving to for Give OUT Day and why?

I am choosing Hampton Roads Pride as I am a member here in Virginia Beach, VA! 


Why do you think people should make a donation?

Hampton Roads Pride helps with numerous events around the Hampton Roads area, community work, and scholarships throughout the year. With donating, it would help continue this effort.