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Chaela Ciongoli Mar 14, 2023 1:44:50 PM 11 min read

Influencer marketing on Pinterest, is it worth it?

Short answer, yeah it is.

First, why pinterest?

With over 400 million active users, most of whom are highly engaged and actively seeking inspiration and ideas, Pinterest offers a unique opportunity for brands to connect with their target audience and drive conversions through influencer marketing.

Pinterest is a shopping platform

How Pinterest compares to other platforms in frequency of use for shopping

We all know that TikTok and Instagram have more monthly users than Pinterest, but what too many marketers forget is that Pinterest users are scrolling with a purpose. In fact, Pinterest has about 5x the users who come with shopping intent vs other platforms. Pinners are looking to spend money! And this is why brands should seize the opportunity to engage and convert these users into customers.

To leverage the full potential of Pinterest, it's crucial to understand the platform's user base and when to reach them. Pinners are often in search of future ideas and inspiration, making it an excellent opportunity to influence their choices. As natural planners, Pinterest users seek content that can prepare them for future events, making it an excellent platform to reach them before they need your product or service.


For the right brands, Targeting is unparalleled

Pinterest's unique user base and specialized topics make it stand out from other social media platforms. When your brand aligns with the platform's focus and audience, it's akin to shooting fish in a barrel - an effortless and straightforward process with guaranteed success.

Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular among certain demographics, including women and younger users. According to a recent study by Pew Research Center, 46% of women in the United States use Pinterest, while only about 20% of women in the United States reported using TikTok. And 34% of adults aged 18–29 use Pinterest. Based on Pinterest's own data, of the 400 million active monthly users, 80% are US moms, 76% are US women, and 57% have a household income of $100K+. 

Pinterest's appeal lies in its ability to spark inspiration and ideas in a vast range of topics, making it a platform that caters to diverse interests and hobbies. Although users often engage with popular categories like home decor, fashion, travel, and beauty, any content that enhances a user's life in some way can thrive on Pinterest. Thus, content that offers value and helps users improve their lifestyle tends to perform exceptionally well on the platform.

How and why you should leverage influencers on Pinterest

Influencer Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest's platform is highly visual, which makes it an ideal platform for influencer marketing. Influencers can create content that showcases products and services in a visually appealing way, helping to drive engagement and interest. It is also an effective way to amplify the reach of a brand’s content since pins can be shared and repinned by other users. Plus, influencer content just performs better! In a recent study by Pinterest, they found that Brands that worked with creators saw 38% higher brand awareness.


Pinterest Influencer marketing Strategies you can copy

1. Running a Complete Pinterest Influencer Campaign Like The Home Depot

The Home Depot worked with several influencers to create a back-to-school campaign on Pinterest. The campaign included Pins with product recommendations and tips for organizing dorm rooms and study spaces. As a result, The Home Depot saw a 25% lift in Pinterest referral traffic and a 60% increase in sales compared to the previous year.


2. Using Pinterest as Part of Your Holistic Influencer Campaign

No yolks example of an Influencer Idea Pin on PinterestNo Yolks worked with several influencers to create fresh, simple, and approachable recipes with egg-white pasta across Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. The campaign targeted millennial moms looking for ideas of simple, quick, and delicious meals they can make for their families. As Pinterest’s demographic fit the brand’s target audience, the platform was a great fit.

A handful of influencers created an Idea Pins Series that generated nearly 40K Impressions, practically overnight. Additionally, the content was amplified with paid support across platforms which increased the power of each content piece and provided an omnichannel delivery system. 



3. Using the Influencer's Website in Addition to Pinterest

By partnering with an influencer, they can create a post or blog on their site to serve as the destination for the Pin, rather than directing traffic to your landing page. This tactic is particularly effective when you're seeking to "borrow credibility" from the influencer and increase awareness of your brand or product. By leveraging an influencer's audience and reputation, you can provide readers with more context from a trusted source, potentially driving more traffic to your site. (Not to mention, the SEO boost you get is pretty sweet!)



How Pinterest extends the life of your influencer marketing campaign

Unlike TikTok and Instagram, including Pinterest as part of your influencer strategy extends the life of your campaign. While the content on other platforms makes an immediate impression, Pinterest is a long game. Pinterest content grows in popularity over weeks and months, so as your TikTok and Instagram program is winding down, Pinterest is just getting going! We love this as a strategy because it keeps your campaign snowballing, instead of falling off a cliff. 


A Platform for Marketers

Pinterest has also gained popularity as a marketing platform as they have introduced tons of new features and tools specifically to help businesses connect with users on their platform. Such as multiple feeds to distribute content organically, a suite of paid media tools, and robust analytics.

Not to mention, the Shopper Marketing capabilities are incredible. When brands add Shopping, Collections or Dynamic Retargeting ads to campaigns, they drive 3x the conversion and sales lift, and twice the positive incremental return on ad spend (ROAS).

In 2021, we partnered with Pinterest to access their expert guidance for our clients. Since then, we have forged a valuable collaboration with Pinterest, leveraging their insights for custom media recommendations, early adoption of new tools, and campaign planning. This partnership has helped us stay ahead of the curve and offer our clients the latest trends, innovations, and winning strategies on the platform.


Is Pinterest for you?

If you're interested in exploring whether leveraging influencers on Pinterest could be a smart strategy for your business, drop us a line. We’ll gladly look at your current strategy, industry, and goals to give you a better idea of whether this Platform can enhance your overall strategy.


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