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Kristy Sammis Jan 12, 2023 3:32:09 PM 5 min read

Influencer Marketing 2023: The Let's (and Let's Not)

We’ve seen a LOT a lot of “2023 Predictions” published about the future of influencer marketing. And while some were absolutely spot-on, many were just… cringe. So, as true industry vets, we feel obligated to share our top three Let's (and Let's Not's) for the year ahead.

Let's: Creator payment transparency. 

This is the year many sources (agencies, organizations, and influencers themselves) start publishing influencer payment scales publicly. Our industry needs a much better shared understanding of how to properly value influencer work.

let's not: Exploiting influencers.

Undervaluing and underpaying influencers is never a good idea; not just because it’s unethical, but because influencers talk. They know and share the best brands to work with and who to stay away from. Do your research (or ask us) to ensure you’re not lowballing your potential partners.

let's: Sticking with what works!

We enter 2023 facing a lot of uncertainty (economy, climate change, public health, etc.), so let’s not rock the boat further. TikTok and Instagram are still hot. We don’t need to chase new platforms for “the next big thing” right now. Let’s focus on what’s already working and make it better. That said, we're certainly excited to see how ChatGPT & AI will shift how creators create. 

Let's not: Twitter.

What was once a platform rife with brand-friendly opportunity is now an angry, predominantly political platform wholly unsafe for most brands. And that’s when it's functioning properly. We are staying far away until or unless it implodes, reverts, or a new clear winner takes its place. We're betting on Spoutible.

let's: A little messy is a good thing.

Audiences love real. Creators attract followers because they are relatable. The best branded content needs to be relatable, too. Give influencers creative freedom! Let their hair be out of place, let the product shot be a little blurry. Audiences will love and remember if the branded content is helpful, inspiring, or funny.

let's not: It’s 2023 and Influencers are STILL not ad units.

Influencer marketing is only really effective when the creator genuinely invests in working with a brand and wants to share it with their audience. That’s when the magic happens! But brands lose that “magic” when they treat influencers like ad units: commoditized, underappreciated, over-managed, and cheap. Great programs will always prioritize the uniqueness of their influencers.


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